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Since I've been pregnant I've started snoring -- how can I stop?

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Since around my 30th week of pregnancy, I've been snoring in my sleep. It is really hard for my boyfriend to sleep now. Is there something I can do to stop snoring? Or will it just go away after I deliver?


Your snoring is probably the result of nasal congestion or stuffiness, which many pregnant women experience. Some women may also feel as though they have an allergy or cold, and even have an occasional nosebleed. All these symptoms, including your snoring, are caused by the elevated estrogen levels of pregnancy, which produce edema (swelling) of the nasal mucosa. Try using saline nose drops or spray before going to bed to counteract nasal stuffiness. A cool-air vaporizer or humidifier should also help. You might also try a product called "Breathe Right," available over the counter at your drugstore. It is a flexible, spring-like adhesive strip that you place across the bridge of your nose that works to decrease snoring by pulling open congested nasal passages. Don't take oral decongestants or antihistamines, as they could have an effect on your baby. You are correct ... your snoring problem will probably disappear after you give birth!


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