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How to Safely Soothe a Crying Newborn

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My newborn cries a lot. How can I help soothe her?

When your baby is crying, your first priority is to comfort her. Luckily, gentle movement can work wonders to soothe a crying newborn.

At this age, babies need a lot of physical contact, so your best bet is to hold your child close and lightly move around with her. You can try a number of strategies, such as swaying, rocking, putting your baby in a sling and going for a walk, or slow dancing around the living room. Avoid frantic or fast movements, and try not to do too many things at once. If you find yourself swaying, patting, and bouncing your newborn all at the same time, slow down and stick to just one activity.

Know that it may take some time before you learn which soothing movement works best for your baby. To give your baby time to adjust to the movements, don’t switch between motions too quickly; if you find that one strategy doesn’t work today, it may still be helpful to try it again another day.

As a new mom, you’re undoubtedly feeling exhausted after so many sleepless nights. If the crying won’t cease, don’t feel guilty about asking for some help. Have Dad or another family member take over for a bit. They can soothe and bond with your newborn, while you catch up on some much-needed rest.


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Gentle touch
Everything is subject to trial and error. Music,singing,speaking quietly to your bub and a rock,sway..

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