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Help your child avoid sunburns by keeping him out of the sun at midday and covering him up whenever he's outside. Hats, long sleeves and pants, and stroller shades offer great protection. Remember, your child can get sunburned at any time of the year, in any weather — cloudy or bright.

If your child does get a burn, ease his discomfort by placing a cool washcloth on the burned skin for at least 20 minutes. Your health care provider might also recommend acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen. And a greasy ointment like petroleum jelly or a moisturizing lotion like aloe vera will help heal your child's skin, lessen his pain, and prevent dryness. If the sunburn blisters, it's a second-degree burn and needs medical attention.

Learn more about sun safety.

FYI: Avoid re-burning: Any skin that's been damaged by the sun will need extra protection for a full year.




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Taking your baby for a daytime outing can be lots of fun. A few tips for protecting your baby's skin while enjoying the sun: Apply sunscreen, cover up with clothes and a hat, and head for the shade. Get more ideas.
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