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Talking to Your Baby

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Babies communicate their needs and pleasure through their behavior. They "talk" with their bodies even before they learn words. Because each baby is unique, you will want to discover your baby's preferences. You can do this through trial and error.

  Before Your Baby is Born

  After Your Baby Is Born


Before Your Baby is Born

Even though you cannot see him, you can already tell some things about the babygrowing inside you.

  • What kind of sound or music does your baby like?
  • What doesn't he like?
  • How do you know that?
  • How does your baby respond when you rub your abdomen?
  • Do these or other behaviors remind you of anyone else in your family?

    After Your Baby Is Born

    After your babyis born, you will be able to clearly see his reaction. He will let you know if what you are doing responds to his needs. For example, if his body relaxes and he looks content, what you are doing is right for that moment. Very quickly you will get to know your baby's style and rhythms. You will be "talking" to one another.

    For example, if his hands open and close gently, if he opens his eyes and his face is relaxed, he's saying, "I'm happy." If he arches, turns away, stiffens, or closes his eyes, his message is, "I'm upset and overwhelmed; change something."



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