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Tea Party

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Location: Indoor
Promotes: Imagination
How to play

Set a sturdy, low table or a child's activity table with at least two chairs for a tea party, using a dish towel as a tablecloth. Fill a teapot with warm water and put it on the table. You can use a store-bought child-size plastic or metal tea set, or create your own with regular-size cups and saucers scavenged from secondhand stores and yard sales. Supply real or pretend cookies. Tea for two is more fun than tea for one, so invite yourself over. Your child will enjoy a chance to arrange the cookies on a plate, serve the tea, and be the perfect host.

Learning and Growing

Children develop important skills like eye-hand coordination as they carefully pour tea from a kettle into a cup. This is also a wonderful opportunity to encourage language development and introduce good table manners as you and your child converse while sipping tea together.

What you'll need
  •   Sturdy, low table with at least two chairs
  •   Tea set
  •   Large dish towel
  •   Cookies
  •   Company (you or a stuffed animal)

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