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Dealing With Temper Tantrums

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Chances are your toddler's negativism — saying "no" all the time, running away, throwing things — has probably been surging lately. He's actively testing his limits, putting his newfound mobility and ability to control his environment to use. It's your job to create and enforce those limits.

Your toddler's negativism will affect feeding, sleeping, playing — basically, every area of significant interaction between the two of you. Expect tantrums: They're common at this age, along with other types of openly negative, provocative behavior. Remember, this is all a normal part of his growing independence, not a plot to drive you crazy!

Learn how to discipline your child in a positive way.



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My 3 three year old son hits, pushes, and does not share toys with his one year old brother. He will..

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Now that your toddler is becoming a preschooler, you may want to try some different approaches to discipline. Catching your child being good, for instance, is a simple, powerful tool for changing behavior. Get more suggestions.
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