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The Hands-On Approach to Colic

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Colic is usually at its worst in the second and third months of life. The good news is that studies have shown that extra carrying done in the first few weeks of your baby's life can help limit the duration of crying spells when he gets older. So grab your baby and cuddle like crazy!

Once crying does kick in, try these tricks to help your baby settle himself:

  • Rock him.
  • Hold him.
  • Put light pressure on his tummy.
  • Play the radio.
  • Turn on a fan or the vacuum.
  • Put him in a swing.
  • Take him for a car ride.
  • Burp him: If his stomach is sticking out more than usual, your baby probably swallowed a lot of air while crying, and burping will help.
  • Give him a little space — for some babies, being alone may be just what they need to blow off tension.


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