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Thinking Ahead

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Traveling successfully with a toddler is all about being prepared. When you're on the go, pack two meals for your child so you'll be ready for unexpected delays — or her unwillingness to try new foods. Many toddlers aren't excited by the "kids' meals" supplied by airlines, restaurants, or even relatives and friends. Children this age often eat one food for days or weeks at a time, which is perfectly normal. It's also a good idea to have plenty of snacks on hand for your child to choose from. Good options include unsalted crackers, bagels, raisins, string cheese cut into small pieces, melon chunks, or a bag of dry cereal pieces.

For any extended trip or vacation, find a health care provider at your destination ahead of time, just in case. Put the provider's name, phone number, and address in your wallet — that way you won't have to start looking up information in the middle of a crisis. (Of course, a real emergency always means a 911 call.) And don't forget to bring your child's health card with you, too, along with her primary health care provider's name and number.


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