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Well Baby Visit: 1 Month

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Your first well-baby visit will be about one month after you bring your baby home from the hospital. Your provider will check his weight and height, and offer you advice on how to handle minor illnesses or concerns at home and when to call the doctor.

You're still getting used to life with your baby, so give yourself as much time for this checkup as you can. Bring along whatever you need to keep your baby warm, fed, and contented, and make sure to bring a copy of your newborn's hospital record, if you have it, as well as your insurance card. Remember to register your baby for health insurance, too.

At this visit, your provider will probably:

  • Weigh and measure your baby to make sure he's growing at a healthy rate. Click here to see our growth chart.
  • Check that his umbilical cord stump has fallen off and the belly button is healing well. If your baby son was circumcised, your provider will check that this is healing as well.
  • Give your baby a hepatitis shot if he didn't get one at the hospital or at a previous doctor's visit.
  • Address any health concerns that he or she notices, such as cradle cap or diaper rash.
  • Give you some insight into your baby's individual personality and temperament, as well as his development.
  • Ask you about your baby's sleeping, eating, and elimination patterns ("the "pee-pee" and "poopy" reports).

Your provider will want to know:

  • Has your baby seen another health care provider since the last visit? If so, why? What was the outcome of that visit, and were any medications or treatments prescribed?
  • Does your baby hold his head up when you put him on his tummy?
  • Does he quiet down, at least briefly, when he hears you or when you pick him up?
  • Does he sleep a little longer during some part of the day or night?
  • Does he have longer periods when he's alert?
  • Does he follow you with his eyes, and study your eyes and face when you're close?
  • Does he respond to your voice or other sounds?
  • Is he put to sleep on his back? Are his bedding and room appropriate? Click here for more information on SIDS.
  • Does he watch a mobile above him?
  • Is he a little fussier at the end of the day? All of these behaviors are expected at this time.
  • If you are breastfeeding, are you taking any medication or supplements?
  • Are there any special stresses or changes at home?


Member comments

thankful and helpful tips
I'm thankful for the info and tips on parenting, they're very helpful, since this is our first girl...

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