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Well Baby Visit: 1 Year

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It's the 1-year checkup! Your baby will be more wiggly and worried about being examined than ever before. Your provider's office no doubt has lots of interesting toys for children to play with, but don't be surprised if she wants to keep close to you when your provider approaches. And although she may have tolerated the exam before, she'll be less appreciative now. Don't worry —it's expected.

Immunizations Your baby will be getting quite a few shots at this visit. It doesn't help much to warn a baby this young about having shots, as her sense of time and her comprehension is limited. She'll pick up any apprehension in your voice or manner. Be there to hold your baby, distracting her, if possible, with a song or a game. If you stay calm and supportive, your baby won't get so upset.

  • Since she'll be getting several shots at this visit, consider giving your baby a little acetaminophen for the pain.
  • You have a choice about the chicken pox vaccine. Discuss this with your provider.


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