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What are the best learning toys for my 11-month-old?

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I want to know some good toys my 11-month-old baby could be playing with to help him learn developmental skills. I read to him all the time, but I know studies show good learning toys also help.


That's great that you are reading to your baby already. It's so important to start reading to him early and to continue through childhood. Here are some other suggestions for toys to stimulate his development at this age: stacking toys in different sizes, shapes, and colors; cups, pails, and other unbreakable containers; unbreakable mirrors of various sizes; large building blocks; "busy boxes" that push open, squeak, and move; squeeze toys; large dolls and puppets; cars, trucks, or other vehicles made of flexible plastic with no sharp edges or removable part; balls of all sizes -- but not small enough to fit in his mouth; musical toys or records and tapes; push-pull toys; toy telephones; empty boxes, paper tubes, egg cartons, and clean empty plastic soda / juice / milk bottles. Have fun playing with your baby and watching him learn!  

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