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What can I do to stop my 6-month-old's hair from falling out?

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My 6-month-old baby's hair is falling out at the sides and back. What do I do to stop this from happening?


Most hair loss in babies is temporary and completely reversible. It's common for infants to go through a normal cycle of "hair shedding," and because of the fact that they are routinely placed on their backs to sleep (for SIDS prevention), the back of the scalp is often the most severely affected. Other areas (such as the sides and the front) may also show some hair loss. But in most cases, babies' hair will grow back on its own over a period of three to six months (in some babies it may take longer). If a baby has cradle cap (redness, greasy yellow scaling), treatment may help to encourage hair regrowth. This can be accomplished with gentle massage with baby oil (to loosen scales), and application of hydrocortisone cream to red areas. If your child has loss of other hair (such as eyebrows or eyelashes), or if hair regrowth does not occur spontaneously, have him or her seen by the pediatrician or a pediatric dermatologist.  

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