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What causes the blisters on my 9-month-old's elbows?

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My 9-month-old daughter gets water blisters on her elbows severely. Is this caused by eczema, or is there another reason? What can I do to prevent this from happening?


Blisters on the elbows are not common with eczema. Questions I would have for you include: 1) Are these lesions itchy? 2) Does she develop blisters elsewhere? 3) How long has this been going on? There are many causes of skin blisters, including bug bite reactions, allergic skin reactions, infections, and the so-called blistering disorders, which are quite rare. Before preventive strategies or treatment can be recommended, your daughter obviously needs to be properly diagnosed. Have her evaluated by her pediatrician or a dermatologist.


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We are an EB family
First thing I also thought when I saw your post was EB. Me, my 1st, 3rd, and 4th also have EB we hav..

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