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What could be causing my husband to reject me during my pregnancy?

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What could be causing my husband to reject me during my pregnancy?


Pregnancy is a challenging time for both expectant mothers and fathers, and there are a number of factors that could be affecting your husband's reactions. Without knowing you or the exact situation it's hard for me to give specifics about what may be going on for him, but here are a few ideas:

  • He may feel he was not ready to "be pregnant." Was the pregnancy planned or unexpected?
  • He may be feeling left out. Usually the woman is the one who receives all the attention from friends and family when a pregnancy is announced; few people even consider the father.
  • He may be frightened. Have you not been feeling well? The normal symptoms of early pregnancy can be all-consuming for the woman; it's possible that he is worried or does not want to make things worse for you. And yes, if the hormonal changes you've experienced have made you irritable or emotional, he may not know how to deal with this.
  • He may be afraid of having sex. It might help to have him go to your next prenatal exam, so that your health care provider can discuss the pregnancy with him as well.
  • He may be worrying about the changes that having a baby will bring to your life.

My best advice would be to have a long conversation with your husband about how he's feeling and what is going on for him. And be sure to let him know, through your words and actions, that although you're excited about having a baby, he's still most important in your life and you want to share the pregnancy experience with him.


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