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What do you recommend for helping swollen hands?

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Do you have any recommendations for helping swollen hands? I have developed carpal tunnel syndrome and my hands are so swollen and sore these days.


The first thing to think about is your diagnosis. Swollen hands can be associated with other problems of pregnancy such as preeclampsia. Preeclampsia can be a dangerous illness involving high blood pressure, swelling in various parts of your body, and other symptoms. So if your hands are swollen, be sure to see your health care provider right away to get a diagnosis. If, however, you have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on the median nerve in the wrist), you should know that this usually occurs in the third trimester, and that it generally goes away after the baby is born when your body fluids rearrange themselves. Research suggests that the best treatment is splinting of the wrists. Some providers give diuretic pills (water pills) for this, but they don't always work. Very, very few women ever require surgical treatment after the baby is born. Best of luck.


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