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Toddler Development: From 21 to 23 Months

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For the past few months, you’ve delighted in your toddler’s rapidly improving coordination, his increased attention span, and his better grasp of the world. As he enters his 21st month, you’ll see those skills becoming even more refined and polished.

Around this age, your toddler is also making a bid for more independence. Encourage that do-it-myself spirit by letting him tackle some of his own chores, like brushing his teeth or fetching his own things.

The work of play

At this age, playing is your toddler’s most important activity and the main way he’ll learn to function in the world. Although he’s totally self-centered right now, your toddler is slowly mastering the skills that will allow him to become socially adept later on. Take advantage of this developmental phase with these strategies:

  • Let her take orders. Your toddler is starting to understand simple commands, which makes for more interesting play. Practice giving your toddler two-step commands like “Kick the ball and run toward Mommy,” or “Pick up the toys and put them in this box.”


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