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When is it okay to take my 1-month-old on a long trip?

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When is it okay to take my 1-month-old on a long trip?


Most babies travel very well when they're infants because they sleep a lot. The main concern about travel with very young infants is the increased exposure to germs that could cause illness. In the United States, the standard of care is that any infant under 3 months of age with a fever needs medical attention. Even though many illnesses that cause fever in infants are mild viral illnesses that other family members may also have, the concern is that the fever might be a sign of a more serious illness. Illnesses in young infants can rapidly become more serious, demanding prompt medical care.

If you'll be driving on your trip, plan frequent stops to give the baby and the driver breaks and changes of scenery. Of course, your baby needs to be secure in his infant car seat whenever he's in the car, even if he's crying. Before you leave, check out possible sources of medical care, should you need it along your route. If you need to use public restrooms, take your own changing pad along for diaper changes. Wash your hands and your baby's hands often. If you're traveling by airplane, train, or bus, keep in mind that the terminals are often very crowded, and that everyone loves to admire a new baby. If possible, try to find an uncrowded area to wait in for departure, and try to avoid having strangers touch or crowd around your baby.

Many families do travel with very young infants. There isn't a specific age recommended, but keep the above precautions in mind. Finally, try to maintain your baby's routines as much as possible when you travel. Have fun!  

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