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Why does my 3-year-old granddaughter throw up after eating?

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My 3-year-old granddaughter makes herself throw up when she is finished eating and wants to get down from the table. This happens most of the time when eating out. Her parents have tried all types of punishments but none seem to work. Could this be a physical or emotional problem? Right before she throws up, she burps big.


I'd stand clear of those burps! Assuming a pediatrician has ruled out medical problems, it sounds as if your granddaughter is swallowing a lot of air when she eats. That would account for the burping and the stomach discomfort. This, combined with the excitement of eating out and her anxieties about being punished for something out of her control, can trigger the vomiting. There's no reason to punish her for it. Instead, your family should slow down the pace of meals, which will decrease the amount of air she swallows. Also, take her for a short walk between courses. The exercise will encourage her to belch a little before things get too bad.  

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