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Why have I broken out into a rash at 31 weeks?

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I am having my first child. It took me two years of fertility drugs and medication to get this baby, and I would put up with anything to have her. I have had a very uneventful pregnancy minus the normal fatigue, but now at 31 weeks have started to break out in a rash on my arms, ankles, and face and under my breasts. Is it heat rash, and is this normal? It's driving me crazy.


It's practically impossible to diagnose a rash without seeing it, so I always tell pregnant women that they need to see their health care provider if they have a rash and don't know what it is. Your rash could be many things, from benign heat rash to an allergic rash to a rare type of rash that occurs only during pregnancy, but the very best thing for you to do is to see your health care provider quickly for a diagnosis. It's best not to use any over-the-counter ointments or other treatment for your rash until you see your provider. Some over-the-counter treatments are not to be used in pregnancy, and some can actually make some types of rashes worse.


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