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Why is my 3-month-old spitting up so much?

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Why is my 3-month-old spitting up so much?


First of all, know that parenting a newborn baby can be a scary job, and your baby's doctor and staff should be there for you to answer your questions thoroughly. Pediatric providers are used to getting lots of "basic" questions from new parents. We expect to get them.

Back to the specific problem: All babies lose some weight in the few days of life. They can lose up to 10 percent of their body weight, but almost always regain that weight by 2 weeks of age. By 1 month of age, most babies have gained 1 1/2 to 2 pounds over their birth weight.

Does your baby seem to spit up more formula than he can hold down with each feed, and is the vomiting getting worse? If so, and if he is not gaining weight well, he will need a thorough physical examination and perhaps some laboratory tests or X-ray studies to check for any serious problems. If your baby is gaining weight well now and seems fine at checkups, then the spitting is not a serious health problem. You may be able to reduce the mess, however, by feeding him in an upright position and burping him during and after each feeding. The spitting up will improve when he begins taking solids and he sits up more on his own at about 6 months of age.  

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