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Will holding a 5-month-old upside down harm him?

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Is it dangerous for my husband to keep hanging our 5-month-old baby upside down?


Parents differ in how they play and interact with their babies, and infants learn from all of their experiences. But safety has to be foremost in all parent-child interactions. Don't swing him upside down and don't hold him in this position for any period of time. Turning your baby upside down in a gentle manner for a few moments should not be dangerous, but doing it repeatedly in a shaking manner could be. Babies often get excited when they are twirled and turned in all possible positions, but doing this repeatedly and vigorously could be unpleasant and harmful. Definitely pick your baby up often—sing, dance, and hug him. But also give him time on the floor to kick, roll, and move his arms and legs. Watch him closely, as he'll be excited to show you what he has learned on his own.  

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