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Will Lamaze classes really help me with childbirth?

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Will Lamaze classes really help me with childbirth?


Today's childbirth classes offer many benefits to expectant parents, and they really will help you. You'll be given a great deal of factual information so that you'll understand the process of labor and birth, what you can expect while in the hospital, and the essentials you'll need to know about your baby's development and care. You'll also be taught a number of pain management strategies (relaxation, massage, visual imagery, breathing techniques, comfort positions to use in labor, etc.) that will be very helpful to you in labor, whether you're planning to use minimal medication or want an epidural. Many of these skills are also beneficial for use during the rest of your life. In addition to offering information and comfort techniques, a childbirth class also provides the opportunity to meet other expectant parents and share experiences.

Be sure to select a good quality course —one that offers at least 12 hours of instruction and is taught by a nationally certified childbirth educator (certified by either Lamaze International or International Childbirth Education Association). I think you'll find these classes worth your money. Good luck!


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