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Will putting my baby in a swimming pool harm her ears?

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Can putting my 9-month-old baby in a swimming pool be dangerous to her ears, with the chemicals and water getting in them?


Just dunking in a pool while held by a parent, assuming the water is at least 80 degrees Fahrenheit, poses no threat to infants. If a little water gets into her ears, it is not likely to cause infection or irritation. However, if you are thinking of signing her up for swim lessons, here are some other warnings you should heed. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages swim classes for infants for several reasons. When infants are submerged, they tend to swallow water. If enough goes down, there is a danger of diluting sodium in the blood stream and causing seizures. Also, when several infants take classes in the same pool, pooping in the pool can lead to the transmission of infections. Besides, there is no way that children can be made "water safe," and infants are not yet ready to really swim. Therefore, if a pool is warm enough and clean, enjoy short dips with her but keep them brief until she is 5 and can learn to really swim.  

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