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Baby's Immunization Schedule

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One of the greatest health achievements in the twentieth century has been the near elimination of the common childhood infectious illnesses by 95 to 100 percent. However, these "bad bugs" are still in our environment, and our children need their immune systems to be ready to protect against them.

Through immunizations, your baby is protected from serious diseases like polio, whooping cough, and all the others listed on the chart below. Young infants are at the greatest risk, so babies need all of these immunizations before their second birthday. Because vaccines are always being improved and because different brands of shots may be slightly different, your own health care provider may have a slightly different schedule of shots for your baby. Double-check with your health care provider at each visit to make sure your baby is up to date. New vaccines are on the horizon, so don't be surprised by changes in this schedule.

At ages 4 to 6 and 11 to 12, your child will need to have "boosters," additional shots, as well as other recommended immunizations for older children and teens. Be sure to keep your child's immunization record all through childhood and bring it to each health visit. Children with special health concerns may need additional shots or will need the schedule varied to suit their situation. Preemies will need their shots at the correct ages, not at times adjusted for their prematurity. Should your child miss an immunization and need to catch up, there are guidelines to get your child up to date.

Vaccine Schedule
Click here to view the official vaccine schedule. Official information on vaccines is available from the American Academy of Pediatrics ( and from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (



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Greate article
We all hear thing of why or why not to inculcate our children but we hardly Everett here what is the..

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