Starting Solid Foods: One at a Time

Starting Solid Foods: One at a Time

So far, it's just been breast milk or formula, or both. Now your baby is ready for starting solid foods. The best plan is to start slowly and then introduce one new food at a time.

Although breast milk or formula will continue to be the most important part of your baby's diet for at least the next few months, now's the time to start introducing solids. Start out slowly. Adults appreciate variety at meals, but a baby needs to ease into eating.

Try these tips:

  • Start with cereal.
    Fortified hot cereal is a good source of iron and B vitamins, as well as of the calories your baby needs. Eating small amounts of simple cereals (rice or barley mixed with breast milk or formula) from a spoon twice a day helps your baby learn how to eat solid food.
  • Move on to vegetables, then fruits.
    Babies are more inclined to acquire a taste for vegetables if you hold off on sweet foods. Begin by offering pureed vegetables such as green beans or peas at midday; eventually, add strained or mashed fruit (bananas, plain unsweetened applesauce) in the morning.
  • Check for allergies.
    Wait five to seven days before introducing new menu items so that you can be sure your baby isn't sensitive to the previous food.
  • At mealtimes, hold your baby upright in your lap or in an infant seat.
    Use a small spoon. If she sticks her tongue out, give her a few more tries and then back off for a week or two. As she matures, the tongue thrusting will stop.
  • Avoid feeding cereal in a bottle.
    Your baby needs to learn how to use her mouth with solids.

Have patience when feeding and rest assured that your baby will eventually learn to eat. Don’t we all!

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Starting with veggies

Bellysma09 9/1/2015

I will start with veggies and then introduce cereals like oatmeal. I am not planning on buying special baby food. I will make my own instead. You can cook and mash a good amount of veggies and freeze it in ice cube containers so you have small portions to unfreeze.



I started mine on bananas and apples at 2 months he loved th3m

Hard Times


My baby is still not putting food into her own mouth. She'll eat table food and baby food as well but we will have to feed it to her. Is this still normal for a soon to be 1 year old?

Meal time


I've been doing OK with giving my 8 month old baby food and cereal, but sometimes he wants to eat table food. Is there a link that can advice on how to share a bit of my food without it choking him?

Introducing meats

ashmattlan 8/18/2015

So I tried out introducing fruits and veggies first and I think my little one loves the sweetness of it all. So when I tried to introduce processed meats he didn't like them. Then it hit me to try the processed meets with veggies or something else and it turned out he liked it that way. Now that I did that he will eat just processed pork like pork with pork gravy. I hope this helps

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