Crib Talk: Baby talk at bedtime

Crib Talk: Baby talk at bedtime

Does your child talk to herself when she's alone in bed? Her monologues may help her make sense of her day. At least, that's the theory from Katherine Nelson, a psychologist at the City University of New York. Nelson and her colleagues studied "crib talk" and found it to be very rich.

New world experiences

Their evidence shows that small children who chatter to themselves are re-creating their world by retelling and interpreting key experiences, such as being left at day care or meeting a new pet. By talking these experiences over, your child finds meaning in them and this, in turn, enhances her developing sense of self.

Listen and learn

These special musings are part of your child's growing emotional and cognitive skills. So listen to what she has to say without interrupting. Don't be surprised if you hear your own scolding voice or an imitation of your comfort talk. She's going over everything that happened to her, which naturally includes what goes on in your family.


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Loving It

Chengele 5/1/2016
My 5 month old loves to babble before taking a nap. I hang out and listen to him ---makes me happy.

This is my life right now

My 21 month old son constantly has conversations in his crib before falling asleep and on the morning when he wakes up- I LOVE listening to him!

Amazing feeling

Lu Lu 4/28/2016
I'm a new first time mom. I love learning my child. I love seeing him grow and develope new styles, personality and skills! He is so smart :-)


MEME 4/26/2016
My baby is six months old and he loves to laugh and babble..


fun to see how my baby learns!