Crib Talk: Baby talk at bedtime

Crib Talk: Baby talk at bedtime

Our kids sometimes talk to themselves when they're alone in bed, or at other times. These monologues, it turns out, may help them make sense of their day and process new experiences. Shhhhh — don't interrupt them!

Does your child talk to herself when she's alone in bed? Her monologues may help her make sense of her day. At least, that's the theory from Katherine Nelson, a psychologist at the City University of New York. Nelson and her colleagues studied "crib talk" and found it to be very rich.

New world experiences

Their evidence shows that small children who chatter to themselves are re-creating their world by retelling and interpreting key experiences, such as being left at day care or meeting a new pet. By talking these experiences over, your child finds meaning in them and this, in turn, enhances her developing sense of self.

Listen and learn

These special musings are part of your child's growing emotional and cognitive skills. So listen to what she has to say without interrupting. Don't be surprised if you hear your own scolding voice or an imitation of your comfort talk. She's going over everything that happened to her, which naturally includes what goes on in your family.

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Chatter Box

Vanessa 07/07/2015

My lo will often talk to himself at night when we lay him in his crib. Sometimes it's just quiet and soft and other times it seems to escalate into a more serious one sided conversation. I love to just and listen to him. I also love waking up to the sound of him just talking to his stuffed animals.

jabber jaws


Our son will often jabber to us or to himself till he falls asleep. Then in the mornings when he wakes he will be very talkative. It is so cute.



our little girl is so talkative in the mornings and loves hearing herself squeal sometime sshe even surprises herself.

Babble baby


My baby talks a ton during the day, but isn't much for talking when he is going to sleep unless he is in his car seat. Then he will coo and talk until he falls asleep!

Quite the talker


My baby loves to babble before and after naps, I listen carefully and wait until she sounds distressed to check in on her!

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