Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a Baby Shower

When is the best time to plan a baby shower and should it be before or after the birth? Learn more.

Since the months before and after the birth of a baby can be hectic, the first step of the planning process should discussing the date with the momtobe.

Weekend or weekday. Saturday and Sunday are the most popular for baby showers, especially in the afternoon. Weekdays are ideal for office baby showers and neighborhood coffee parties. Also, check the calendar for vacation seasons and special events that might conflict with your date. The last thing you want is for everyone to be away on spring break or watching the Academy Awards on TV when the big day arrives.

Reasons for hosting before the birth.

  • The mom-to-be will have time to sort through her presents, set up the nursery and shop for items she’s missing.
  • She’ll be able to relax and enjoy herself instead of feeding her newborn, changing diapers and dying for some shut-eye.
  • Hosting a baby shower before the birth can provide the mom-to-be with much-needed emotional support, a dose of fun and friendly companionship.

Reasons for hosting after the birth.

  • The shower can double as a meet-the-baby party.
  • Now that guests know the gender, size and name of the baby, it’ll be easier for them to buy or make gifts.
  • This type of shower works well for adopting parents since they aren’t always sure about when they can collect their baby.

Whatever the choice, the reason for getting everyone together doesn’t change: celebrating the (impending) arrival of a beautiful new baby!

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Friends and family

cnzamora13 11/30/2015

Having close ones involved makes memories

Right time for babyshower


I think the right time for a babyshower should be as soon as you know the sex of the baby. That way you dont have doubles after the babyshower from things youve already bought.

Diaper cake


Love the diaper cake

Throwing a baby shower


First time helping a friend throw a baby shower. Very helpful tips.



Can't wait to celebrate! With our daughters we had showers pre birth. With our son, we will have it after his arrival since he is 13 years younger than his closest sibling and the first male child.

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