What To Expect; The Second Year

What To Expect; The Second Year

The newest installment in America's bestselling pregnancy and parenting series, What to Expect the Second Year, picks up the action at baby's first birthday and takes parents through what can only be called the wonder year: 12 jam-packed months of memorable milestones (from first steps to first words, first scribbles to first friends), lightning-speed learning, and endless explorations driven by insatiable curiosity. Not to mention a year of challenges, both for toddlers and the parents who love them, but don't always love their behaviors (picky eating, separation anxiety, bedtime battles, biting, and tantrums). Comprehensive, reassuring, empathetic, realistic, and practical, What to Expect the Second Year answers hundreds of the most commonly asked questions, and is filled with solutions, strategies, and plenty of parental pep talks.

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