Gardening with toddlers

Gardening with toddlers

Where does our food come from? We can help our kids explore this question and have fun by planting a garden.

Help your child learn where food comes from by planting a garden. Even a little patch of dirt outside can turn into his "farm." If it's winter or you live in a city, make an indoor garden on a counter near the window.

Planting the seed

Plant radishes, bush beans, and lettuce: They all grow quickly, so your child will be able to see the fruits of his labor in short order. Help your child plant, water and harvest his crops. Be sure to celebrate when you're done! If you can, take your child to visit a real farm to watch the planting or the harvest.

An opportunity to learn

All of this teaches your child about consistent care and gives him responsibility, both of which are more important than the actual crops themselves. Don't expect too much from him at this age though – he’ll need all the help he can get!

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Veggies and Fruits


My little guy loves watermelon and just about any other fruit you put in front of him. This year we plan to try and grow mini watermelons as well as other melons. When we looked at the Johny Seed catalogue he picked some veggies he wanted to try.

Mom of Twins


My boys just love to dig in the backyard and help mommy plant seeds.



Little man already helps around the garden but next year we will play the veggies mentioned and get him more involved! Thanks for the great read!


Jamie 10/1/2015

I love this idea! Can't wait until spring!!


Leila 9/30/2015

Im so excited for next spring! This is so cute.

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