Toddler Speech:  Words and Rhymes

Toddler Speech: Words and Rhymes

Children this age are fascinated by words, often making up their own when the need arises.

Here's how to take advantage of this interest:

  • Pick out some short poems that capture your child's attention.
  • Learn the poems together, emphasizing the rhymes.
  • Later, pick a rhyme for each part of your child's day — riding in the car, taking a bath, getting up in the morning. She'll love the repetition and consistency of having an accompaniment to her daily rhythms.

The best news of all? Rhyme work helps build your child's memory skills and her interest in words – all while you're having fun together!


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Fast Learner

I have 3 older children besides my one year old and she soak up every ounce of everyone. She repeat words and try to sing to some of the cartoons theme song. The words are not always clear but she sings in tune.

Building Word Count

Joanne 4/13/2016
My little guy has just started mimicking and signing back rhymes to us. If we only understood it all!

Baby CDs

I got a cd to listen to in the car that has some older kids classics: "She'll be Coming around the Mountain", "Big Rock Candy Mountain", but his favorite is "Going for a Ride in the Car, Car" because it has cute little noises like making vroom noise, and my son loves to imitate the noises that hears.

Sounds fun

JT 2/26/2016
Anyone know any good rhymes for riding in a car?


nancy 2/23/2016
singingis how I taught our children how to memorize our address phone number and our names and the spelling. I had them learning so many things with just a little melody...