Toddler Speech: Words and Rhymes

Toddler Speech:  Words and Rhymes

Our children love words and rhymes. It's fun to read short poems together and to learn them. Get more ideas.

Children this age are fascinated by words, often making up their own when the need arises.

Here's how to take advantage of this interest:

  • Pick out some short poems that capture your child's attention.
  • Learn the poems together, emphasizing the rhymes.
  • Later, pick a rhyme for each part of your child's day — riding in the car, taking a bath, getting up in the morning. She'll love the repetition and consistency of having an accompaniment to her daily rhythms.

The best news of all? Rhyme work helps build your child's memory skills and her interest in words – all while you're having fun together!

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Great idea


I have to try this with my son, he is 15 months and i want him to start learning more vocabulary !

Can't wait to try


Such great articles! My 16 month old is on the go so I'm always looking for something to help him talk more.

Great information

esinger17 1/18/2016

This is great, my toddler has started talking a lot more. This is a good idea for her and I to do each day.

good idea

Jackie 1/13/2016

brings back memories of what my mom use to do with us as children

Great tips


I have songs for diaper change time and before feeding time

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