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Hits home with me

Kate 9/4/2015

Everything said could have come straight from my mouth! Great video for first timers!

One Year

Stefanie 9/4/2015

These are great idea's to keep my little one entertain for hours!

2 year old


Playing with my 2 year old is the best

Great information


I like to look for new things to do with my son. There is a lot of good information here...it has really got my imagination going for even more fun things to do.



I seen a few ideas for fun things to do that i hadnt thought of. Thank you for this information.

Toddler activities: finger-painting fun

Use our finger paint recipe to get your toddler painting. It’s a fun family activity that helps encourage your child's creativity.

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Toddler activities: Leaf rubbing

At the height of the fall color explosion, it's impossible not to spend time outdoors admiring the show. But what do you do with all those leaves that end up crumbling into your carpets?

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Housework with Toddlers

Since our kids like to imitate us, why not show them ways to help around the house? Some easy chores kids can do (with parental supervision) include dusting, watering plants and sorting laundry. Get more ideas.

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