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On The Go

TJ 07/31/2015

I really enjoyed some of the ideas for my very active LO. I'm looking forward to working on puzzles with him.

Cheap and fun


On rainy/too hot days I put tape (masking or painters) on the floor and make mazes or obstacle courses for my toddler. She loves it and it keeps her entertained for a good amount of time.

Activities around in the house


When it's too hot, too cold, bad weathers. My daughter likes to run around in house, help with things, play under tent, under the blanket, have some crafts to do what we have in the house.. Creative! :)

Activity when you can't go out


When it is too hot, too cold, or too wet to go outside, my son likes it when I make an obstacle course for him to traverse. We crawl through a tunnel, go around chairs, under a blanket, over the ottoman, etc. Get creative with the things you have in the house!

Toddler Play video

Lyn 07/15/2015

Great information. I see a lot of parents getting frustrated with their toddlers because of their short attention spans.

Toddler activities: finger-painting fun

Use our finger paint recipe to get your toddler painting. It’s a fun family activity that helps encourage your child's creativity.

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Toddler activities: roast pumpkin seed toss

Many families love to roast pumpkin seeds and enjoy their nutty flavor. After the cooking is done, you can use the seeds to create a simple game for your older toddler or preschooler.

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Housework with Toddlers

Since our kids like to imitate us, why not show them ways to help around the house? Some easy chores kids can do (with parental supervision) include dusting, watering plants and sorting laundry. Get more ideas.

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