Healthy toddler recipes: child-friendly food

Healthy toddler recipes: child-friendly food

What's on the menu these days? Our kids will thrive on soft table foods – unsalted and cut into small pieces – plus baby cereal and milk. It can be good to introduce foods with different textures to expand their palate. Learn more.

Your toddler will eat mostly modified soft table foods – small bits of cooked chicken, pasta without spices, well-cooked, unsalted vegetable pieces, and so on, but keep baby cereal on her menu to ensure that she gets enough B vitamins and iron. Now is a good time to introduce her to foods with different textures. That way she'll grow up willing to try new things.

How much is enough?

The amount a toddler eats varies from meal to meal and day to day. If your child is growing and gaining weight, don't worry that she's not eating enough. Children this age are quite good at making sure they get what they need. She actually needs less food than you might think: roughly 900 to 1000 calories each day. That's not a lot when you consider that your child consumes 300 to 500 of those calories in whole milk (about 16 to 24 ounces) alone.

Your toddler will get plenty if you offer her three meals a day, along with three sit-down snacks. Try half an English muffin with melted and cooled cheese or an unsalted cracker with a little bit of banana.

Read more about your child's ever-broadening menu.

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I am always looking for new food to introduce to my 19 month old. It seems like chicken is always on the menu. Hoping to find some good variations!



This was a helpful article!

Lots of patience


it is really hard to feed a picky eater toddler.

Picky eater


My son drives me nuts...he pushes everything away and throws on the floor


Marlon 07/08/2015

My little is at this stage where he is picky eater

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