Baby Pictures: How to take professional looking baby photos

Baby Pictures: How to take professional looking baby photos

Simple ideas and tips for taking the perfect picture of your baby

You can’t get enough of your newborn baby, he’s just so cute.

To get professional looking pics for your birth announcements here are some tips:

Wait until he is asleep, newborns are easier to pose and can sleep through almost anything

  • Use natural light, lots of it
  • Consider the background and what is in the frame
  • Get close up, there is nothing more beautiful then a sleeping newborn.
  • Take as many as possible, out of 50 shots maybe one will be the perfect picture

As he gets older you’ll notice he won’t sit still and will be reluctant to flash a smile, but when you finally snap that perfect shot for your family pictures, it’s worth the wait. Some ideas for great, natural looking baby photos:

Capture your baby in his element. Forget about getting him to pose: the longer you try, the less likely you’ll be to get a smile. Simply snap away while your child is on his tummy time mat or while he’s playing. It’s also helpful to kneel, sit or lie on the ground to get that eye level shot.

Don’t force a smile. The more natural the smile, the better the photo will be. Try making a funny face to get your baby to grin. For older tots, do something silly or remind your toddler of something that made him laugh

Keep snapping. A baby photography must do: take as many photos as possible. Instead of trying to get one perfect picture, take a lot from all different angles. Chances are he’ll wiggle, squirm or sneeze right as the picture’s being taken, so the more shots you take, the greater your chances will be of getting a keeper

Set your shutter speed. A faster shutter speed helps capture a crisp image of your baby playing, even when your child is running, jumping, spinning or playing. The higher the shutter speed, the less blurry your image will be.

If nothing else, remember this baby photography tip: print out your photos! Flipping through images in an album is far more rewarding than viewing them on your camera’s screen. You won’t regret it!

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Pictures galore

Kat1183 2/7/2016

i am amazed at how well iPhone pictures turn out! I take pictures and videos constantly! Don't forget to include the parents in them!

Good tips


I will try this itvis hard to get pictures of the kids that aren't blurry

Pictures are priceless

Mama2 2/3/2016

I take a ton of pictures just to get the one perfect picture

Mommy of 2

AlexisJB 1/30/2016

The shutter speed and capturing them without posing them was very helpful for me

Don't wait


If we would have taken them in the first four weeks of being born, we probably would have been able to get the cute sleeping pictures. We waited too long, until she was 2 months. The snapping sound of the camera would wake her up.

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