Potty-Training Problems?

Potty-Training Problems?

Running into a few bumps on the road to toilet-training success? Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day. Learning to use the potty is a complex process for your child, who has to:

  • Coordinate several new behaviors
  • Put together a series of steps
  • Decide whether it's worth giving up all this control to please you

Ready or Not
Resist comparing your child with other kids, as each child is different. Your toddler's progress has more to do with temperamental and neurological factors than age. If toilet training has totally stalled and you're fighting your child every step of the way, review the signs of readiness to make sure the time is really right.


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Reject this

Great article! Keep sharing..Thank-you!

Potty training

Was hoping that this would have more tips.

Struggles of potty training

My child is 3 years old and we are not potty trained yet. Our main struggle is hat she has a lot of cognitive developmental delays. She doesn't understand a lot of simple commands or directions. She loves to go sit on the potty multiple times a day but nothing never happens. How do you help a child with developmental delays to understand the process of using a potty?

One day yes One day no

My two year old is making me crazy! I swear it seems what mood she wakes up in determines whether we are potty training or not that day. When she gets up in a good mood she uses the potty all day no accidents, others forget about it. Asking her to get on a potty is like a death sentence for her. If we go places she is more inclined to go potty too, regardless of which mood she is in.

Tried and than she stop

Started pottying training at 2 yrs and she started very well, than her UTI started up again and she goes, but now she will not tell us when she needs to , at first she did very well in telling us. Is there parents who went through this while training who child also had UTI. Please give a solution which help you

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