Potty-Training Problems?

Potty-Training Problems?

Running into a few bumps on the road to toilet-training success? Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day. Learning to use the potty is a complex process for your child, who has to:

  • Coordinate several new behaviors
  • Put together a series of steps
  • Decide whether it's worth giving up all this control to please you

Ready or Not
Resist comparing your child with other kids, as each child is different. Your toddler's progress has more to do with temperamental and neurological factors than age. If toilet training has totally stalled and you're fighting your child every step of the way, review the signs of readiness to make sure the time is really right.


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Didn't really answer the problems which may arise in the process.

Potty Training

I didn't find this to be very helpful at all. It really had no information.

Potty training

My son is 4 years old When i started trainning him he was 3 Potty trainning can be very stressful at times just because you want them to get it down real fast but it takes time and alot of patience trust me it not easy as it seems but keep up the good work and you'll see the results

Where's the list of problems?

Boy, was sure hoping this was a list and maybe solutions or advice...have alot of trouble with our lo

Not helpful

My son does not want to potty train and is 3 I've tried everything suggested but it seems this article just covers the most common of problems. :(

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