Potty-training problems?

Potty-training problems?

Potty training tends to have its ups and downs for most kids. That's to be expected: It's a complex process, requiring several new behaviors and putting together a number of steps. Learn more about the road to potty-training success.

Running into a few bumps on the road to toilet-training success? Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day. Learning to use the potty is a complex process for your child.

She has to:

  • Coordinate several new behaviors
  • Put together a series of steps
  • Decide whether it's worth giving up all this control to please you

Be sure she’s ready

Resist comparing her with other kids, as each child is different. Your toddlers’ progress has more to do with temperamental and neurological factors than her age. If toilet training has totally stalled and you're fighting your child every step of the way, review the signs of readiness to make sure the time is really right.

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Training pants design


I find it helpful when training pants have the velco-like sides so they can be opened on the side if needed. It can make changing a soiled pair much easier. I have a toddler who will sometimes pee in the potty but will not go number 2 in the potty. Being able to open them on the side like a diaper helps.

Potty problems


I have a 4 yr old that does not want to use the potty at all and we waited so long because he had medical problems that made him not go to the bathroom so now that he is I can't figure out how to get him to go on the potty I know its a new feeling for him but I thought it would help to wait.

potty training


advice is always helpful!

potty potty oh my Goddy

catsmyeye 10/14/2015

training can be somewhat trying as I didn't know what to expect or how hard it was going to be but as time went on it got easier through consistant routine

Not alone in the battles


Advice is always comforting when going thru potty training knowing you are not the only one going thru it.

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