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Should I be worried that my 25-pound, 11-month-old son isn't walking yet?

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I have a 25-pound 11-month-old son. He eats regular food such as rice, beans, chicken, and fruits. He hasn't started walking, and I think it's because he's a little on the heavy side. But my mother says he doesn't walk because I don't feed him properly (I don't make him homemade soups, juices, etc., like she does, because I work during the week). Should I worry?


The average age for walking alone is 12 to 14 months, so he's not even late for walking. Just from your brief description, it sounds as if you are giving him a variety of table foods, which is what he should be eating now. It's very hard for parents to listen to all the advice, often well-intentioned, they get about how to do the job better. But use your common sense, and if you have specific concerns, check with your health care provider. Good luck!  

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