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It's hard to think of a toy that's more entertaining and educational than a set of alphabet blocks. Find out how you can encourage the fun and promote learning with these age-appropriate activities
Read Playing and Learning With Alphabet Blocks

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You might think that a 2-month-old just sleeps and eats, period. Turns out that your newborn can enjoy and benefit from stimulation and playtime, too. Learn more about infant play and development.
Read Play and Activities With Your 2-Month-Old

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At 4 months of age, your infant is doing amazing things. Play and activities are crucial for her baby development. Here are some activity ideas you both will love.
Read Play and Activities With Your 4-Month-Old
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Now that your little one is more alert and active, it's time for play! Check out these suggestions for baby games and activities that you'll both enjoy.
Read Sensible Stimulation: Introduce Your Baby to Play
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There are so many baby development breakthroughs to look forward to as your little one begins to move and become more active. Read on to learn what motor skills your child is working on in the first year.
Read Baby Movement Milestones
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Finger puppets are just the right size for entertaining a baby, and can be made in a jiffy. They also travel well. Pop a few in your purse and you're ready to take your show on the road. Find out more.
Read Finger Puppets