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One minute, he’s crying. The next, he wants a drink of water. You just want him to get some shut-eye. Follow these steps to get your toddler to go to sleep without a struggle.
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Our son will be 3 years old next month. Lately he has been insisting that his bedroom lamp remain on all night. I have switched to a 40-watt bulb just to make the room as dark as possible. Is there any reason for us not to allow this practice? I worry about his eyes, etc. He does have a nightlight in his room, but that does not seem adequate for him. If I get up in the night and turn the light off we find it on in the morning — which means he is getting up at night and disturbing his sleep. Should we just wait for this phase to pass, or be firm and unplug the light?
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What are some easy suggestions to help our 2-year-old adjust to her first bed? She wants nothing to do with it, only her crib. She cries so hard every time we attempt to put her in the bed.
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My son has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. Is this common at 28 months?
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Whether you're a new parent or an old pro, you probably wonder from time to time if your baby is getting enough sleep. (You know you're not getting enough!) Check out these handy age-based sleep guidelines.
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