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32 Weeks Pregnant

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Your Baby

Check out what happened with your baby's development last week.

Ups and downs. Your acrobat may be standing on his head now: Most babies settle in the head-down, or vertex, position by this week. Ideally, he'll stay put until you give birth. But remember, your little one has a mind of his own—he might decide to change positions several times before he's born. You might feel him jostling into place as he flips, especially if he does so late in your pregnancy.

As full as it gets. The amount of amniotic fluid in your uterus right now—about two pints—makes it fairly easy for your baby to switch from head up to head down. Over the next eight weeks, the amount of fluid will decrease as the amount of baby increases.

Measuring up. Your baby weighs between 3.5 and 4 pounds and measures about 17 to 18 inches stretched out.


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Tired but want to nest
Yes I am super exhausted but I really want to finish everything for my baby

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