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Tips for Soothing Your Baby

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There is probably nothing harder for a mother than to hear her baby crying, especially if she’s not yet used to the sound. While it’s true that even a happy, healthy baby cries often, your instinct is probably to soothe your baby and take away whatever may be ailing her.

You may have heard advice from friends and family on how to calm your crying baby, but sometimes it is best to come up with your own comforting techniques. With this in mind, here are some tricks to consider.

Make sure your baby is fed and has a dry diaper.

First thing to do: Check if your baby is hungry or wet. These are probably the most obvious reasons you’ll hear your baby crying and among the simplest to soothe.

Hold your baby.

Sometimes your crying baby just wants to be held. Just as you love your baby immensely, your baby also loves you and wants to feel your touch.

Rock your baby.

Whether you’re in a rocking chair or just rocking your baby in your arms, the back-and-forth motion is comforting for your baby. It may just be the calming action she’s looking for.

Walk your baby around the house.

A nice little walk around your house might do the trick and soothe your crying baby. A change in scenery is sometimes all it takes to help him stop crying.

Play music for your baby.

Some gentle music may help ease his tears. The soft noise often helps distract your baby and calm his cries.

Sing to your baby.

Your own voice may be just what your crying baby needs to hear. Singing when your baby is crying often helps calm him down.

Rub or pat your baby’s back.

As you hold your baby, try rubbing his back up and down, in a circular motion. You can also lightly pat his back. The rhythmic patting can mimic your heartbeat, which is a sound that your baby is used to from his time in the womb.

These soothing strategies can do wonders for stopping tears. Learning some good ways to comfort your baby will make both of you feel better.


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