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Baby Movement Milestones

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The first year of your child’s life will be full of baby development achievements. In this short time, your nearly helpless newborn will transform himself into an active, mobile baby, ready to take on the world. Here are some of the major infant development milestones of his first 12 months, and when you can (roughly) expect them to happen.

By 3 months, your baby may:

  • Raise his head when placed on his stomach
  • Stretch his limbs and kick his legs when lying on his back
  • Open and shut his hands into fists
  • Grip or shake baby hand toys

From 4 to 7 months, your baby may:

  • Roll back to front and front to back (Baby safety tip: Never leave your baby unattended — even for a second — on a changing table or other high surface.)
  • Sit in a “tripod” position, supporting his weight on his hands, and later, without help from his hands
  • Be able to stay up in a standing position (with help from you), supporting his weight on his legs
  • Pass a toy from hand to hand
  • Use a raking motion to try to reach objects


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Baby Movements
Good information. It's good to know if my expectation of my baby's growth is where it should be.

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