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Could the rash on my 14-month-old's penis be an allergic reaction?

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My 14-month-old son gets red rashes on his penis regularly though we change his diapers often. Is he allergic to something? Are there any harmful effects to all these rashes?


Boys in diapers commonly develop red rashes on the penis or scrotum, which usually represent simple irritation and maceration related to the moist environment. It's unlikely that your son's rashes are an allergic reaction. A common location for the redness is in the crease on the underside of the penis, where it meets the scrotum. Most cases of this "irritant dermatitis" will respond to the use of a good barrier product, such as petroleum jelly or an ointment containing zinc oxide, at each diaper change. Your son will probably not suffer any harmful effects. However, if you see any pustules (whiteheads) in the area, if the tip of the penis is red, or if the rash persists for more than two or three days, contact his doctor. In some instances, such rashes may require treatment with prescription medications.  

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