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Do I need to wait before trying to conceive if I've just gone off the pill?

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I have been taking the pill for seven years. I have recently stopped since my partner and I feel ready to have a baby. I heard that I had to wait three months before trying to get pregnant, to make my eggs stronger. Is this true?


No, this is not true. You can start trying to conceive as soon as you go off the pills. The three-month period comes in because it might take three months, or even up to a year, to actually become pregnant. Please remember to take 0.4 mg. of folic acid every single day while you are trying to become pregnant (you can get that amount in a multi-vitamin -- check the label to be sure it has that much). Taking folic acid, a B vitamin, has been shown to reduce the chances of having a baby with spina bifida (a birth defect) by more than 30 percent. Take folic acid every single day, since you have to have it in your system when you become pregnant, and for the whole beginning of pregnancy. Good luck!


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