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How do I care for my 18-month-old son's uncircumcised penis?

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How do I care for my 18-month-old son's uncircumcised penis? I've been slightly pulling his foreskin down to clean, but when I took my son to his 18-month visit, his pediatrician pulled his foreskin all the way down to the base and said I should do this from now on. The next day, I noticed my son's penis was red and had cuts near the top. But my friend's son's pediatrician said to just leave the foreskin alone.


In the first few months to years of life, the foreskin may adhere to the glans, or head, of the penis and should not be forcefully retracted. As a boy ages, the foreskin gradually separates from the glans and from that time on gentle retraction and cleansing can, and should, occasionally be done. Your pediatrician should be able to guide you depending on your son's stage of development. Remember, however, that aggressive cleansing of the penis is unnecessary. The white cheesy material you may occasionally see is the residue of shedding cells and is generally harmless.  

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