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Meditation for Moms

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If you're a mother, you probably lead a very full and very, very busy life, with little or no time to yourself. And I know how hard it is, when you do get a free moment, not to use this precious time for paying bills or for another important task.

The thought of introducing one more thing to the daily mix is unimaginable. Yet I recommend that you do just that — and start to meditate. It's a worthwhile investment — meditating just a few minutes will refresh and recharge your mind and spirit for hours. I've been practicing meditation for more than 20 years, well before having children. (Note that I said practicing — it's something that I continue to work on, and value.) At the end of this article I've provided two meditations for you to try, plus some tips for getting started.

Why Moms May Need Meditation

Meditation has been practiced in many forms and in many cultures and religions for thousand of years. Then, as now, people have turned to meditation as a way to quiet the mind, and obtain inner peace and tranquility — and who needs that more than moms today. There are other potential benefits, too. Meditation can help to lower overall stress levels and can help improve your focus and concentration. It may help you sleep better and also help you relax while nursing.

Dealing With the Challenges of Meditation

Meditation may not be easy for you at first — in fact, it may seem frustrating. Keeping your mind quiet and focused, and not letting your attention wander, is next to impossible. Many experienced meditators say that the mind fights back when you first start meditating and actually makes it harder. The good news is that, like anything else, meditation becomes easier the more you do it. Even if you've mastered the technique of meditation, it can take time to see results. But if you're patient and persistent, you will.

As a mom, consider ways to bring meditation in to your family. To teach your children to relax and to meditate from a young age may be one of the most precious gifts you have to give. Treat it like a game. For instance, see who can sit still and be quiet for the longest. Or sit around a candle, at a safe distance from the flame, and see if together you can be so still that the flame does not move. It's amazing to share this with your family.



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