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All About Wipes

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Meet Pampers' Next Generation of Wipes

Parents have told us that their baby's delicate skin should be pampered and treated gently, even when cleaning up a mess. We've listened, and now Pampers Sensitive Wipes with Soft Grip Texture™ clean with less wiping than before without compromising the softness that is needed for a baby's delicate skin. 

What's changed about Pampers Sensitive Wipes?

  • They are thicker than before. Thicker wipes provide more protection for moms' hands during cleaning.
  • They have a different fiber blend. We have added microfibers to the wipes to help improve cleaning performance. These fibers are made from the same material as before; we have just changed their size to deliver better cleaning performance with the same softness.
  • They have a wavy pattern embossed on the wipes. The wavy texture works with the new microfibers to provide gentle cleaning.

What has not changed?

✔  Still soft and gentle

✔  Still clinically proven mild on sensitive skin

✔  Still fragrance free

It is important to note that Pampers Sensitive Wipes with Soft Grip Texture don't use any new materials — just the same materials you were familiar with before, put together in a more efficient way.

A Modern Tool for Moms on the Go

With their gentleness, convenience, and portability, Pampers wipes continue to be used by moms at diaper changing time and beyond. Though our wipes are specifically designed for diaper change cleanup, moms can be assured that Pampers wipes are safe for use on other body parts, including the face, and can be used at every diaper change.


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