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Safety for your baby

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Our Promise

At Pampers there is nothing more important to us than your baby’s safety. You can absolutely count on us to provide you with safe, high quality products to help you protect and care for your baby as we would care for our own.  Our science-based process is key to our journey of safely improving the lives of babies and their families.

We Avoid Certain Ingredients

As part of the first step, our safety process screens out all ingredients that could be considered unsafe in a baby or children’s product.

We Ask Questions

As scientist and as parents ourselves, we start with a healthy dose of skepticism about the safety of an ingredient.  We understand that these ingredients will be used in products used on babies and if we aren’t convinced of its safety, then we don’t use it.

We Define the Safe Range

We define a safe level for every ingredient we use with the same scientific process used by regulatory agencies around the world (FDA, EPA, WHO, EU, etc).

We Determine Safe Product Usage

At Pampers and P&G our over 700 scientists and professionals work with leading health experts, such as pediatric dermatologists, to ensure our Pampers products meet all safety and regulatory requirements around the world. 

We evaluate all ingredients in the final product to confirm their actual use is within the safe range for both consumers and the environment. We conduct extensive testing to allow moms to experience our products in real life situations and adhere to the highest industry standards for safety, performance and quality.

We Monitor Usage and New Information

When it comes to our babies, we don’t cut corners.  Even after product development is complete we continue to monitor our products sold in stores with our consumer relations organization and through thorough manufacturing and in market quality checks.


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