How to Safely Help Your Baby Sit

How to Safely Help Your Baby Sit

Your baby has gradually been gaining more physical control of herself and, at 8 months old, she's a masterful sitter. She's able to twist around, lean forward, and shift from side to side. Encourage her to stretch her muscles and hone her new skills by putting a favorite toy just out of reach so she can practice twisting and leaning.

Home Safety for a Mobile Baby

Get ready to be more on the ball than ever. Babies find everything, so if you haven't really childproofed yet, now's the time. Get down on your hands and knees and look around your home for potential problems. Make sure that:

  • All cleaning solutions are stored out of your child's reach.
  • All electrical outlets are covered.
  • Door blocks are installed on all the low cupboards in your house, including those in the bathroom.

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