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Pampers® Expressions Wipes


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By laurenr182 - September 01, 2021
nice smell- not my favorite for duper changes!

The smell is great- I prefer this product more for hand wipes and such as I like a non scented product for diaper changes. They definitely come in handy with a messy toddler and would be great to keep in the car!

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By ayejay - August 31, 2021

Love the light scent…I keep a small baggie in my purse for wiping my hands pre-sanitation. I like to make sure my hands feel clean if I don’t have access to soap and water. I’d buy again!

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By amy_speic - August 30, 2021
best smell!

The smell of these is amazing. They make you forget about any other smells in the job. Smell SO good. With same great cleaning power of pampers.

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By Unknown - August 30, 2021
pampers wipes

These wipes came in so much handy while road tripping with my family! Love ‘em and would def recommend!

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Pampers Response - August 31, 2021
Thank you for your review!
Thank you for taking Pampers on vacation with you. We're so glad we could help make the trip more enjoyable. Thank you for recommending our wipes to other families!
By jill81 - August 30, 2021
Love the smell and the thickness

So glad to have received these wipes. I was so burnt out on the cucumber melon/clean scent. These smell AMAZING and using just one does the job. After running out of the one that was sent to try we ended up buying a case of the clean scent. This will forever be a staple in the household as long as we have kids.

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