Getting the most from your Lumi

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Getting the most from your Lumi

Smart Baby Monitor

Never miss a thing

Tap the camera in the middle of the home screen to start watching your baby monitor live stream.  Audio will continue in the background if you switch to another app or your phone screen is locked.

What happened last night?

Create a 60-second time-lapse video of every sleep wriggle from goodnight kisses to morning giggles with the Lumi Lookback.  Just tap the play button when viewing the monitor live feed to generate yours, and don’t forget to save it to your camera roll!

The Wonder Weeks

Understand your baby’s mental development leaps as they happen with The Wonder Weeks.  Learn how they are developing, why they may be fussy and how best to support them as they grow – available in the insights section of the App.  Note, the first leap happens around 6 weeks of age.

Smart Sleep System

Expert Sleep Coaching

Learn how to improve your baby’s sleep with this step by step video series covering everything from sleep fundamentals to regressions to how to manage naps.

Track your progress

Get a personalised sleep insight report every week so you can measure your progress and understand what adjustments you need to make.  Tip:  Use the Smart Sleep Sensor 24/7 for best results.

Effortless sleep tracking

The sensor is designed to record when babies are actually sleeping, and not mistake sleepy wriggles for being awake.  This means sleep does not display real-time but instead appears in the app about 20-30 mins after a sleep has ended.

Other Tips and Tricks

Adjusting your baby monitor settings

Adjusting your baby monitor settings

Update events in a single tap

You can update diaper changes, sleeps and feeds in the same way.

Update events in a single tap