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The App

How to get the most out of your Lumi?

Tap the top-right icon of the monitor view in the home screen to get a full screen, landscape view of your baby.


At the top right of each routine card, you can tap the (i) to get up to date information on the typical averages for sleep, feeding and potty, tailored to your baby’s age. These were developed with our panel of pediatricians, and the insight updates as your baby grows. You’ll see a small dot on the icon every time there’s a new insight, so check back regularly.


From the “Today” screen in the Routine tab, you can look back at previous days to compare routines or check special events and notes by tapping the calendar icon in the top right of the card.


Tap “Add” (+) on the bottom of the app to manually add entries for Sleep, Feeding, and Potty. You can also add notes to record vaccinations or special memories and milestones, like their first smile!


Lumi comes with access to Wonder Weeks! Tap “Insights”, enter your baby’s due date, and get unique insights from experts at Wonder Weeks on your baby’s 10 mental development leaps.


How can Lumi help track dirty/poopy diapers?

You can edit any diaper change by tapping on a specific entry in “Today” or “Routine”. By default, a wet diaper change will be logged as “Wet”. In addition to “Wet”, you can choose “Dirty” or “Both”.


How can Lumi help me establish my baby’s routine?

The Lumi by Pampers activity sensor automatically tracks sleep and diapers 24/7. When coupled with feedings you enter, Lumi offers a complete overview of your baby’s daily routine at a glance and charts it over time. This lets you see and understand what routine works for your baby.

This holistic view comes to life in the app in a few places:

  1. Today at a glance, giving you a complete overview of your baby’s day - super helpful during handovers between caregivers.
  2. Routine charts for sleep, feeding and potty. These simple charts make it easy to see patterns emerging and how well you are establishing routine.

I can’t access my insights, why?

“Insights” are only available to purchasers of the Lumi connected care system. Once you’ve set up your sensor, enter your baby’s due date, and get access to unique insights from experts at Wonder Weeks.

How can I get notified when my baby’s diaper is wet?

You can turn on app notifications to receive updates about your baby’s wet diapers.

Can I share my baby’s data with other people?

Yes, you can add multiple caregivers and control what they can access on your baby’s profile. You, as the primary caregiver, will have total control over who and how many people can access your baby’s profile, and manage what each can access in the app. For example, you may decide to share your baby’s tracking data but not the video monitor food to some caregivers.

To set up a new caregiver, open the app, tap “More”, and choose “Caregivers”. Tap “Add a caregiver”, enter the person’s contact information, and send your invitation!

Can I set up other caregivers (like grandma) in the Lumi app?

Yes, you can add multiple caregivers and control what they can access on your baby’s profile. You will have – as primary caregiver – total control over how many people can access your baby’s profile, and the limitations of their permissions.

To set up a new caregiver, open the app, tap “More”, and choose “Caregivers”. Tap “Add a caregiver”, enter the person’s contact information, and send your invitation!

Can I edit an entry in the Lumi app after it has been recorded?

Yes, you can edit any previous entry. Simply tap the entry in “Today” or in the Routine charts, edit as you like, and save your changes once you’re done.

Can I record video from the Lumi monitor?

Yes, the Lumi Smart Monitor lets you create a 60 second time lapse with highlights from the past 15 hours. To enable Lumi Lookbacks, open the Lumi App, go to ‘More’, and select Video Monitor.

Once enabled, you’ll be able to generate up to 4 Lumi Lookbacks per 24-hour period and save the videos directly on to your phone/tablet.

To generate the Lookback, go to the Home tab and tap the banner at the top of the screen. You can also tap the 'play' button at the bottom right of your monitor stream if you are in streaming mode. Both these buttons will load your 60 second brief (the video can take up to 2 minutes to load).

Once the Lookback is generated, it will be available in the app for the next 24 hours. To find your recent Lookbacks, go to the 'Today at a glance' section, or the Routine tab.

Lookbacks are deleted after 24 hours, so make sure to download the ones you'd like to keep! To download, play the Lookback and tap the download button on the right side of the screen.

Please note:

  • Only caregivers with full access can generate a Lumi Lookback.
  • Once you have generated a Lumi Lookback, the App will not let you create another one for 6 hour.
  • You can add a timestamp to your video if you want extra information. To do so, turn on ‘subtitles & captioning’ in the ‘Accessibility’ section of your phone setting.

What does the various status in the app home screen mean?

The Sleep icon will show the last recorded sleep.


  • Dry- Diaper is dry
  • Wet- Diaper is wet
  • Very wet- Diaper is very wet

The status is a guide to help you decide when it’s time to change their diaper, but you know your baby best.

My baby just took a nap but the sleep doesn't show as recorded. Is something wrong?

A sleep event may not immediately show up in the app right after the event. It may take approximately 30 minutes to process to ensure the best level of accuracy, but don’t worry, as they are being tracked and recorded, you’ll just need to check back a little later. In case it doesn’t show after 30 minutes, please contact us.

Does the app work on an iPad?

The app can work on an iPad, but it is not designed for it, so you may spot a few imperfect design proportions.

How do I know if someone is watching through the Lumi by Pampers app?

The color of the light ring on the camera’s front panel is red when it’s off, white when it’s connected, but not actively streaming, and green when there is active streaming/viewing in the Lumi app.

Can the app run in the background?

Yes, the Lumi app has a background audio mode that lets you hear your baby while you use other apps or when your phone is locked. Tip: Keep your phone plugged in if you’re planning to use the background audio overnight.